Patterns from Nature

Following the vision which takes us on a journey across the world of patterns hidden in nature. Inspiration awaits in every park, garden, behind every corner, sometimes is not visible from the first sight but crystalizes when you allow yourself to stop and follow the impulse.

It is hard to point when the process of design exactly begins, when hand starts it’s own journey across the paper…lines, dots, waves of marks, directed or just free style, following the instinct. The drawing becomes a story hidden in rhythmic patterns, an idea becomes a shape, it’s all black at this stage as colours appear together with first prints.


The design escapades often start from seeing a flower, leaf or it’s texture… translate into layered decorative motifs which we believe express the mood and spread the emotions. Each pattern is different – every is unique and very personal because it’s been made for a family, an individual, specific interior.