Pressing Matters Issue 4

Pressing Matters magazine is an independently-run publication, honing in on the people, passion and processes behind the artform of printmaking. From curious beginners to those exploring the world of fine art editions, there are all sorts who are making their mark out of printmaking. We hope to inspire newcomers and give a voice and a face to the increasingly vast number of people calling printmaking their ‘thing’…

John Coe – Creative Director / Jake Kennedy – Writer / Jo Houndsome – Photographer

Pressing Matters Issue 4

Printmakers / Amy Hutson  / Chris Fritton  / Damon Kowarsky / Ed & James Harrison / Eva & Jakub Horsky / Ian Perry / Jeremy Ville /Stephen Flower / Dan Howden / Holly Brown / Marcelina Amelia /Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami / Justyna Medon – Addicted to Patterns /

Press Collectors / Michael Atkin / Krtil Oftedahl

Gallery owner / Emma Mason



From a collection of huge presses in Norway to an Iranian Paralympic athlete who loves to print, from a Czech studio mixing the mythological with the modern to brothers using print to shine a light on near-extinct animals, Issue 4 is a call to arms (or printmaking tools) to get inspired and get making.

“From drawing on walls to loosing at chess… playfully open to patterns in the world around.”

Addicted to Patterns designer & printmaker Justyna Medon works from two locations in Bristol; her Clifton Downs home studio and Spike Print Studio where she also runs Year in Textiles and other short textile print courses.

The process behind Addicted to Patterns collections is really cruacial, we are passionate about printmaking so each wallhanging or fabric is hand printed to individual order. We care about products we use; strong durable paper, good quality paint always mixed in quantities we currently need, all sourced in UK. Our NO WASTE policy means that every wallpaper or fabric is printed to exact measure, we rather print by meters or panels than rolls. Thanks to such a approach we also have control over pattern repetition and can adjust it according to specific interior feautures or to individual project.

Read about story behind the passion in Issue 4 of Pressing Matters Magazine

Big Thank you goes to John Coe for having Addicted to Patterns in New Issue, to Mike White for an interview and Jo Houndsome Photography for great pictures